Based out of Denver, CO, Jaguar Stevens formed when two high school English teachers decided to purge their workday anxieties through rock n’ roll. Steve Bartholomew delivers tempestuous rock riffs on the guitar while Caleb Wohlust transports the audience with contemplative lyrics and an unhinged vocal performance. The spaces between the primitive, pounding drumbeat of David Glantz are filled by Charlie Frost’s masterfully melodious synth textures. Although Colorado fans have compared their sound to the Talking Heads, Nick Cave, and the Cramps, Jaguar Stevens finds inspiration everywhere. Above all, they strive for originality. Their self-titled debut album captures their earnest attempt to transcend time by offering songs of passion, betrayal, and yearning. Their electric, raucous live performance spellbinds the audience in an exaltation of rock n’ roll reverie.